Allen Maldonado, Writer, A Father’s Love; blackish; The Last OG

Kellon Akeem, Producer, A Father’s Love, Mansa Productions

Naghmeh Shirkhan, Filmmaker, Maki

Brent Kinetz, Co-director, 1 Billion Orgasms

Terence Mickey, Co-director, 1 Billion Orgasms

Patrick Kilpatrick, Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Writer, Author, Dying for Living: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot: VOLUME ONE – UPBRINGING. Part 2

Heidi Yewman, Director, Producer, Author, Behind the Bullet 

Zeke Zelker, Director, Producer, Writer, Billboard

Akira Chan, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker, Black Star

Nolan Gross, Actor, Model, Creator

Chris Kenneally, Filmmaker, Already Gone and Side By Side

Cevin Soling, Author, Filmmaker, The War on Kids

Casey Suchan, Co-director, The Animal People, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Peter Lee, Director, Angelfish, Part 1, Part 2

Robert Pascuzzi, Filmmaker, The Ravine

Nena Erb, ACE, Editor; Part 2

Katherin Hervey, Director, Producer, The Prison Within

Troy Williams, Cinematographer, Subject, The Prison Within

Hezues R, Filmmaker, Suicide Saint

Phlipp Yaw, Filmmaker, Rudeboy’s Restaurant

Matt Waldeck, Director, Producer, Lovely Jackson

Rickey Thomas, Documentary star, Lovely Jackson

David Banks, Actor, Cursed Friends

Stacie Davis Hamilton, Director, Writer, Another Christmas

Sam Benjamin, Actor, Writer, The Pay Day

Sheena Faust, Actor, Another Christmas

Barry Jay, Director, Writer, The Way Out

Mike Manning, Actor, The Way Out