Rickey Jackson personifies strength. In 2014, he was America’s longest wrongfully held prisoner, making him incarcerated for nearly 40 years. He bears his story in the new must-see, star-reviewed docu-thriller Lovely Jackson, directed by Matt Waldeck. From the man himself, Jackson exclusively shares the top 7 reasons people should watch the film, which just premiered at this past month’s American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

1. It has an underlying human theme. “We’re all going through something, and this movie reaches down and touches that something in all of us.”

2. True Crime fans will enjoy the twist. “This documentary is totally different from all of those others we’ve been used to. It has feature film aspect, graphics, special effects…it just takes you on a rollercoaster ride.”

3. It provides a first-hand account of what it’s like to serve time for a crime you didn’t commit. “You get an opportunity to see what it was like for me and feel some of the emotions I went through.”

4. It educates about the 60’s, the legal system, police department, black community, etc. “You get a taste of all that and the brief history in this movie.”

5. The impressive cinematography is worth checking out also. “It has a really good movie feel about it, but, yet, you know that you’re watching a documentary. It’s very well-shot. [Also] the soundtrack is great.”

6. It has a message about forgiveness. “After all is said and done, it’s a good lesson about forgiveness and how to move on…I think we all have something that we need to forgive, if not for ourselves, for other people.”

7. Waldeck’s directorial debut is noteworthy. “I think he did a spectacular job, and a lot of critics think so.”

For more information, visit Zodiac Features, the film’s official Instagram and check out the trailer below!

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