Many realize they have a talent or skill when someone says so. But as we know, being good at something does not prevent rejection. Actor David Banks (who appears in the new season of the hit Netflix series Never Have I Ever) says in the beginning of his career, there was not much encouragement. “I was hearing more of the ‘What are you thinking? What are you doing? You’re crazy. You’re not funny,’” he recalls to So Booking Cool.  

It was his mother, who he describes as his best cheerleader, and the stories of other actors like Harold Gould and Morgan Freeman who scored their big break later in life that gave Banks hope. He admires that they kept going and took each no with a grain of salt, trusting that their time would come.  “And I think we’re all given little signs from God that we’re doing the right thing like ‘Hey, you’re on the right track. It may not look like it right now, but I’ve got some bigger plans for you down the line. As long as you just don’t quit.’ And that seemed pretty easy to me,” the former musician says.

Banks has been acting for 22 years. He has done over 200 commercials. His credits include Rutherfold Falls, Station 19, The Afterparty, Insecure and Why Women Kill; as well as Cut! and nostalgic favorites like Sweet Valley High and The Parkers, just to name a few. Among his new projects include the upcoming supernatural comedy Cursed Friends with Nicole Byer, Harvey Guillen, Jessica Lowe, Will Arnett, and Robert Riggle, coming to Comedy Central on October 8.

In 2018, he added author to his resume with the release of his book How To Make a Living As a Commercial Actor: Tips to Give You the Ultimate Advantage in the Auditioning Game. “I just figured if I can help anyone by shaving a few years off their journey by learning from my mistakes, it was definitely a win for me. I’m not saying I have all the answers [LAUGHS], but I certainly wish I had someone to tell me what not to do in the audition rooms when I first started. I have had some really good questions asked over the years through my social media and thought I would compile all of them into a book, along with my experiences.”

Check out the interview to learn more about Banks such as the role that challenged him most, his thoughts on the best qualities in an actor, director, writer, and comedian, his outlook on the pandemic and self-tapes, his high-rated videos on Cameo, what attracts him to a project, social media and Hollywood, and more! For more information, visit Banks on Twitter and Instagram.

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