patrick and book coverAs a longtime writer and entertainer, action villain star, Patrick Kilpatrick, has a breadth of wisdom on film, television, Hollywood, and journalism. His writing career spans more than three decades and his acting credits add up to more than 170 films and TV shows. The 69-year-old has worked alongside the likes of Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Chow Yun-Fat, to name a few. With credentials like these, it’s hardly surprising that Kilpatrick was a magnet for literary agents and book publishers. But from industry professionals wanting to change his book and then some, he wasn’t keen on his initial publishing experience.

“I felt I knew a fair amount of storytelling,” the 69-year-old told So Booking Cool, “after all that time in the magazines, all that time in the theater, all that time in the movies, all that time script-writing. But New York publishing is extremely constrictive, and, particularly, if you’re a first-time writer—they don’t care if you’ve written scripts, they don’t care if you’ve written for every magazine in New York. You’re a first-time book writer. And I really wasn’t about to be treated that way.”

Kilpatrick ended up happily collaborating with Boulevard Books, who published his debut, volume 1 of his memoir series, Dying for Living.

Listen to part one of our conversation to learn more about Kilpatrick’s book, Dying for Living: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot: VOLUME ONE – UPBRINGING;  and the forthcoming, VOLUME 2: Dying for Living: Wasted Talent in the Valley of Debacle, his thoughts on journalism (including what makes good journalism), his career as an advertising campaign writer, his perspective on author signings, Hollywood politics, and more! For more information, visit Kilpatrick’s official website.

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