Sometimes actors will seek books for craft, sometimes they will seek it for perseverance. Sheena Faust, star of the feel-good Another Christmas (Stacie Davis Films) and creator of the upcoming series WAISS (Why Am I Still Single?) can relate. “I really enjoy personal development books,” she tells SBC. “I think that this craft can be difficult at times. It is a journey. Actors, whenever we start this profession, we’re told to expect to audition a lot…you can have hundreds of auditions until you get that really big yes. I really am big on making sure that mentally I’m sharp and astute because this journey can take a lot out of you as you’re on your way to booking.” 

In 2018, Faust released a book of her own, Why Am I Still Single? the precedent to her television series. The part memoir, part guide, aims to encourage those who are single to love themselves and in the process attract their person. She likens the concept to pouring from a glass that is full rather than half empty as well as not giving someone else the responsibility to make one feel whole.

Since her childhood, Faust was drawn to arts and entertainment. She recognized its impact on the world and would go on to do theater, commercials, and short films before landing the role of educator Kelly Brooks in Another Christmas. We asked her if she thinks teachers will at all feel seen in the movie.

“Absolutely,” she replies. “I think it will make you also see teachers in a different light. And by that, I mean just not also in the classroom because you get to see a little bit of her life, so you’re not just restricted to her as a teacher…I think sometimes we can forget that teachers are still human.”

Check out the interview to learn more about Faust including her journey in entertainment and faith; her thoughts on the benefits of re-reading books; if it is necessary for co-stars to build chemistry off screen; her experience working with Stacie Davis Hamilton and Malik Brazile; the actress and actor that blow her away; her thoughts on teachers in general; what makes the best romance, and more. For more information, check out Another Christmas on Roku and visit Faust’s official website.

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