We couldn’t close 2019 without publishing Part 2 of our conversation with action villain star, writer, producer, and author of Dying for Living: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot: VOLUME ONE – UPBRINGING, Patrick Kilpatrick!

Kilpatrick discusses an array of topics including his thoughts on some of the most interesting aspects of show business that most people do not get to see. “Well, I don’t know that they really get how much hard work it is,” he tells So Booking Cool. “The audition process is incredibly competitive and only more so now that you have digital submissions. I mean they’re getting 3,000-4,000 submissions per job now.

The mastery of that that has to be required in order to succeed and to continue and flourish as a working actor–a lot of people, I think they just say ‘oh, you just stand up and say your lines in front of a camera.’ There’s some of that, but those people don’t really, really flourish. Hollywood involves immense work, writing work, production work, audition work, crafting a character. I think also they’d be surprised by the lack of discipline by leading names.”

Check out the interview to learn about the books that have impacted Kilpatrick; his perspective on the surprising tidbits about Hollywood; whether actors should perform their own stunts; his approach to studying a character; shaking off an intense character after being so committed to the role; his new and recent projects, and more! For more information, visit Kilpatrick’s official website and check out Part 1.

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