Tawanna Sullivan, the Associate Director of Subsidiary Rights at the Berkley, Jove, and Ace imprints (Penguin Random House) talked to So Booking Cool about publishing. A natural book enthusiast, Sullivan took a course in order to prepare for her publishing job. Subrights wasn’t anything what Sullivan expected, however, that didn’t stop her from turning it into a 20-year career.

Subsidiary Rights is defined as negotiating the right to produce or publish a product in different formats based on the original material. Books that become movies and shows stem from this aspect of publishing. Audiobooks, which are becoming increasingly popular, are also an example of subsidiary rights.

Check out the full interview to learn more publishing, including Sullivan’s advice for publishing interns, aspiring book industry professionals, as well as her recollection of when Borders closed, book reviewers, and her own fiction!

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