PETERLEEANDANGELFISHThe word networking isn’t one that excites many people. However, if you imagine and/or can mingle in an arena that interests you, networking suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Well, what about networking outside of your industry? Angelfish director Peter Lee discusses in Part 2 of our conversation about connecting with professionals from other fields, especially in the creative space.

“The creative industry merges and mixes so much that I never hold back from thinking ‘oh, well this person isn’t an actor, this person isn’t a filmmaker’ because the most important thing is the creativity,” Lee tells So Booking Cool. “Going and connecting and networking, even if it’s a dirty word, networking is one of the most important things and Angelfish wouldn’t be made if I hadn’t pushed beyond what I felt comfortable doing…pushing beyond my comfort zone to meet and connect with people because all those people that I met when I was just outside my comfort zone are the people who helped put the film together and helped make the film.”

Angelfish still: L to R: Jimi Stanton as ‘Brendan’, Princess Nokia as ‘Eva’

If you’re wondering what Lee means when he says networking is a dirty word, he explains that while attending a networking event means meeting and talking to people, he says it is about “immediately trying to get something out of it.” But he strongly advocates getting to know as many people as possible because of the potential for collaboration, something he also champions.


Listen to Part 2 to learn more about Angelfish, including how Lee decided on the movie’s setting as well as the interracial aspect of the story; he also shares his view on leading co-stars spending time together for on-screen chemistry; why it’s important for films to be authentic; and his approach to getting people to connect with his work. For more information, check out the official Angelfish website.

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