marcellasandsuprememodelsSupreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion author, Marcellas Reynolds, is enjoying the reception he continues to receive for his debut book—legendary models like Iman and Pat Cleveland have praised it; production companies are reaching out to adapt it for the screens; and more models now want to be featured and interviewed by Reynolds. Needless to say, the Chicago native has more in store including plans to write a novel, loosely based off his life.

“I want to examine the space of the challenges and trials that little gay kids of color have to go through to survive,” Reynolds tells So Booking Cool. “I think there’s a novel there, I just think that maybe I’m scared to tell it because it may hit too close to home, meaning that it’s in my autobiographical neighborhood…you start telling your story and trying to mask it as this fictional character’s story. That’s a painful territory if you’re not ready. But goddamn, I’m 50-years-old, I better be ready! When are you going to be ready if you’re not ready now?” He laughs.

Check out the final part of our three-part interview with Reynolds to learn more about the kinds of books he read during his childhood; his advice for aspiring fashion professionals and how there is a need for education about the various jobs in fashion; the biggest inspirations of his that would ideally join him for dinner more! For more information, visit Reynolds’ official website and listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with Reynolds.

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