robpricetonyphoto2Many of us are aware that rejection is often part of the process of trying to get one’s manuscript published. Some aspiring authors give up, some don’t and are eventually published, and some decide to self-publish. As a self-published author (The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training) and publishing professional, Rob Price is intimately aware of these circumstances and was inspired to make a difference. He re-branded his publishing company, Price World Publishing, with the mission to ensure that authors have all their rights. Tony Chellini, who he met in Law School, became his partner and together they co-founded Gatekeeper Press.

“For decades and really even centuries, [the] publishing industry has been ruled by gatekeepers who make the decisions and there’s just a few of them who say ‘you’re gonna get published, and everyone else you’re not gonna get published,’” Price tells So Booking Cool. “So the idea of Gatekeeper Press is that we are opening the gates to this book publishing world. We are leveling the playing field so that everyone who wants to be published can be published and professionally on the same level as a traditional publisher.”

Gatekeeper Press is a distributor and provides standard publishing services such as editorial, book cover design, as well as new industry features such as an author manager and a dashboard that authors can access to see their sales figures broken down. The biggest rare, offer of the company is that authors are given 100% rights, 100% royalties, and 100% control in exchange for services.

Check out the interview to learn more about Gatekeeper Press and how it works, what Price and Chellini say one should look for in a co-founder, how they define traditional publishing, how technology has impacted publishing, the advice Price enlisted when starting Gatekeeper Press, their long term goals and more! For more information, visit Gatekeeper Press online.



Left to right: Rob Price, Tony Chellini

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