As we know, book store owners and booksellers are a big part of the publishing community and/or book world. We know them to give book recommendations—among other things. But what advice do they have for readers aside from what to read? Sherrele Goloversic, founder and owner of The Book Readers Venue, based in Humble, Texas, offered her perspective in a recent interview on SBC.

In addition to being kind and patient with authors, and writing book reviews for not only authors but for other readers, Goloversic expounds on how to be supportive.

“Authors are entrepreneurs,” she says. “I may own the book store, but I am surrounded by probably 70-80 different entrepreneurs in here. They have to put a lot of effort into getting the work out to each and every one of the readers. So, we need to show them some grace as well because we want good work. We need to give them that opportunity to give that good work. A lot of times people talk about representation. Representation without support is very difficult. When authors are having events, it’s important that readers show up for those events. Bring a non-reader with you, make a reader out of them.”

She adds that people need to know that reading can be fun and does not only have to be for educational purposes. Earlier in our conversation, she notes that some people associate reading with education only. 

Check out the full conversation to learn more about Goloversic including when she founded The Book Readers Venue and the challenges she’s overcome—past and present—as well as her successes with the store; her love for novelist and filmmaker Brenda Jackson; why romance suspense is her favorite genre; the experience of putting on author events; what comes to mind when she hears and sees the word “reader”; who the responsibility lies on for people to access books they are interested in and more! For more information, visit the official website for The Book Readers Venue

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