Often, when people share that they have written a book, they are met with congratulatory responses. While the reason may seem obvious, let us unpack an author’s perspective on why this is common. New York-based entrepreneur, educator, and debut author Cheyenne Gadsden recently appeared on SBC in support of her children’s book Dream Big Young One: Believe it and It Will Come True.

“That is a milestone,” she says. “Not everybody thinks that they can do something until they actually do it. For me, I always knew that I would be an author. I always knew I would be able to write a book.”

Whether it is writing on paper or typing, Gadsden finds herself writing regularly. In terms of writing a book, she had to consider the message she wanted to get across.Thinking of the other things she was familiar with and often did (aside from writing) helped her to form her book idea.

“I always preach or just give motivational talks or words of encouragement,” the mentor continues. “And I’m just like, ‘Well, I will just write it in a children’s book’ because a lot of these children, especially Black and Brown individuals in my city are not motivated enough.”

Gadsden adds that it is necessary to consider the youth’s interests and dreams, which she feels does not happen enough. She is hoping that Young One, which can also be described as a book of affirmations for children, will help support young people in choosing their path.

Check out the full conversation to learn more about Gadsden including her spirituality; New Year resolutions; entrepreneurship; of course bookish things such as her love for poetry and her take on whether authors have the responsibility of reflecting the world or providing an escape from the world; her thoughts on arts & entertainment; her next book; and more! For more information, connect with Gadsden on Linkedin or Instagram.

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