We often discuss the process of writing a book, but how does one protect (or sustain) that process? 24-year-old educator and author Jared McPhoy shares his approach for when he penned his debut page-turning memoir By Grace Through Faith: A Journey of Self-Discovery (Priceless Publishing). 

“The truth is no one I knew knew I was writing a book,” he tells SBC. “I kept it a secret for a very long time and that was also intentional because I wanted to protect the integrity of my work. I knew had I invited persons into this process earlier, I would’ve been gullible enough to listen to what they’d say, and I would have watered down my story.”

While McPhoy admits he omitted some things from Through Faith, readers will and have found his stories very revealing. In addition to his humble upbringing, he dishes on his complex relationship with his mother (in which they have been rebuilding); his sexuality; and his resignation of giving others the opportunity to decide who he is. The book is also a guide on how to overcome adversity, addiction, and distractions in order for one to reach their full potential in life. 

As we know, books can impact readers, something McPhoy has been able to do. Apart from the feat of becoming a published author, telling his story has been a milestone in another way.

“My book has been even a blessing to me to want to go after the other artistic endeavors that I have. I like to say with this book, Jared the artist has been born. And now that Jared the artist is here, I am actively working towards diving deeper into the arts.”

Check out the conversation to learn more about McPhoy including his insights as an educator; his thoughts on how books, film, and music can influence; his relationship dynamic with women; Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; reaching non-reluctant readers; forgiveness to others and oneself; his dream book conversation with actress and Bamboozled by Jesus author Yvonne Orji; and more! For more information, visit McPhoy on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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