13 years later, Michael Jackson’s death remains a devastation to the entertainment industry and many music fans. Usually, when celebrating the historical artist, the same batch of songs tend to get talked about and played. This isn’t to say that classics like Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, and Human Nature are overhyped (nor are the hits that he made with his brothers!). What we are saying is that Jackson is more than his hits, and So Booking Cool wants to honor some of our favorite underrated cuts from the Gloved One.

7. “The Lady in My Life”

This song is under-acknowledged. It is easily among the greatest R&B, greatest love songs, and greatest cuts from the Thriller album.

6. Heal the World

This song is included because while the masses know it, this track noticeably doesn’t get the love–compared to his other music. Even many of the fellow #MJFAM have rated this song low in his discography, some even going as far as calling it “cheesy.” To each’s own, but Heal the World has too beautiful of a message to discredit.

5. Whatever Happens

Whatever Happens is a beloved cut to those who are familiar with the Invincible album, it’s just that the average person wouldn’t know this song from him.

4. Dangerous

Maybe it’s because this song lacks an official music video, but this is easily one of the best songs not just on the Dangerous album itself, but in his entire catalogue. This is another one of those “such and such artist did not come to play!” and yet you just don’t hear most people name this song as one of their favorites from him. That being said, the VMA performance of this song does continue to get recognition.

3. Blood on The Dance Floor

The original version AND the Refugee remix alike both deserve more attention. When people do come across the song, they like it. Maybe because the song was mainly promoted overseas is why it doesn’t get the love it should. For SBC, this was an example of that song that you’re terribly confused and disappointed that you’re only just now finding out about its existence.

2. Can’t Let Her Get Away

Just listen to it. Thank us later. Get ready to dance incessantly. Those of you who already know, cheers. New Jack Swing brilliance.

1. History

This is arguably his best song, if we had to absolutely choose. From the lyrics, to the top tier production, to the passion, and MJisms, this song is immaculate. It taps into important messages and reminders about life, such as the fact that each day we are creating and writing and leading our legacies. Every day, our individual and collective history is being created. Jackson wanted to write this kind of song, well, he, James Harris III, and Terry Lewis could not have given it a better sound. The song sounds like the greatness it is speaking of, while also capturing some of the pain in the world. As you can see, we cannot praise the song enough. It’s overwhelmingly and undeniably good.

Honorable mentions: Another Part of Me, Music and Me

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