The past can be painful, but it can also motivate. Entrepreneur and author of the bestseller Soul Beneficiary: The Good, Better, Best Guide to Success in Selling Insurance Jessi Park faced hardships during her childhood and later as a single parent. “I feel like whenever you experience choosing between paying a bill or eating, that you find yourself saying to yourself ‘I will never be in this position again,’” she tells SBC. 

Park is the founder and owner of Inspired Insurance Solutions, an A+ (BBB) top-rated nationwide agency that specializes in healthcare and life insurance. In Soul Beneficiary, she provides a guide for members of the insurance world and beyond who aspire to achieve success in business and life.

Recently, she launched the new fragrance line Elysian, a tribute to her late sister as well as her and niece and nephew, and has a forthcoming vegan handbag line Execuluxe. When asked about the biggest lessons she’s learned in her entrepreneurial journey thus far, she shared:

“A lot. People say they want to see you do well until you start doing well, and then you see what their true intentions are. That one was a huge lesson for me. They say they’re rooting for you, and the moment you actually hit a home run, they’re not clapping. And that’s a huge tell-tale sign of who is actually in your corner.”

Check out the conversation to learn more about Park including some of the woes of her childhood; her experience appearing on the reality competition series Beta Blox; running a family business; the insurance industry; why she believes failure comes from within; the best quality in an entrepreneur and other lessons she’s learned; whether she’ll write another book; and much more! For more information, visit her official website.

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