Hope Goins‘ mission is to make a difference in America whether through her role as a senior congressional staff member under Homeland Security or the new picture book series The Adventures of Chloe and Chris. The series, published by Priceless Publishing, debuted (and placed number one on Amazon’s New Releases, Children’s Government Books, and Children’s Politics and Government lists) this past spring with the first installment The Three Branches of Government. While the books’ purpose is to educate youth about civics, it can also help jog the memories of those who may have forgotten.

“People don’t remember what was said in high school,” Goins tells So Booking Cool. “People used to come to me and say ‘How you like working for Obama?’ I’m like ‘I don’t know, I’ve never worked for Obama. I’ve never worked in the executive branch, I work for Congress’….I live in DC, walked down the street and many of people have pointed at the Capitol and said ‘Isn’t that where the president lives?’ That’s just not remembering the lessons we’re taught.” Goins also notes the decline in civics education, in which she expands upon during our conversation.

For more than fifteen years, Goins, who hails from Mississippi, has worked in public service. The press has recognized her for leading one of the most diverse staff on Capitol Hill. As the majority staff director of the United States House of Representatives, she makes daily decisions around keeping the country safe, secure, and strong.

Check out the exclusive interview to learn more about The Adventures of Chloe and Chris including Goins’ publishing experience, why she thinks people forget about their government and civics education, how we can ensure children remember civics, mentorship and networking, whether she would write a children’s book about politics, her ideal authors roundtable, how she rose the ranks in her career, and much more. For more information, visit the book’s official website.

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