People are anticipating the upcoming Renaissance album, not just because it marks a new Beyoncé era, but because of the message she is leading with. Her new single “Break My Soul” has garnered mass reception, sparking debates about jobs, entrepreneurship, passion, and fulfillment. Many feel seen, heard, and inspired to follow their dreams when listening to the track. Whether you are an avid Beyoncé listener or not, a familiarity with her catalogue (or her array of hits alone) will remind you that she has made countless uplifting songs throughout her career of more than four decades. Here are SBC’s top 7 Beyoncé anthems (in addition to “Break My Soul.”)

7. Find Your Way Back

Songwriters: Sarz, Beyoncé, Bankulli, Bubele Booi, Magwenzi & Starrah

Find your way back
Big, big world, but you got it, baby

Daddy used to teach me all my plays
On a marathon, told me run my race

This track comes from The Lion King: The Gift, an album that we believe is underrated. In “Find Your Way Back,” like Simba, one is guided by a special figure (in this case a father) with the reminder to not lose oneself nor feel discouraged in the madness of the world.

6. I Was Here

Songwriter: Diane Warren

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

I wanna say I lived each day until I die
And know that I meant something in somebody’s life
The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave
That I made a difference, and this world will see

I mean, there you have it. This was written by the amazing Diane Warren, one of the best songwriters, who is known for writing a lot of inspirational songs.

5. Run the World (Girls)

Songwriters: Afrojack, The-Dream, Beyoncé, Switch, Diplo & Vybz Kartel

My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power, with our love, we can devour

I will never forget how empowered I felt when this song emerged, along with its captivating music video and live performances on the Oprah show finale and Billboard Music Awards. In this cut, Beyoncé pays homage to the girls in school, on the job, from and/or in the hood. She also sends the necessary reminder to not tolerate disrespect.

4. Happy Face

Songwriters: Bill Lee (Songwriter-Producer), Beyoncé, Calvin Gaines, Falonte Moore & Rob Fusari

I woke up and realized this world’s not so bad after all
I looked at it through a child’s eyes and I saw these beautiful
Things that you never think about like the ocean, moonlight, stars and clouds
It’s amazing how we don’t appreciate our blessings
There’s plenty of people who don’t like me
But there’s ten times more who love me and I love myself

Survivor, Destiny’s Child third studio album (and the first as DC3) is the home of the song “Happy Face.” I have always felt a connection to this song, from the chorus to the first verse. And it only gets better! It encourages people to focus on the positive and not take for granted the “little” and grand things. A bonus is how fitting the production is, for the beat compliments the visual of peacefully waking up, ready to take on a new day. And don’t even get me started on the vocals!

Now, it may seem that the first lyric in the opening verse did not age well because of the state of the world. But the world has always had ugliness. Furthermore, they are looking at the world through the eyes of a child.

3. Survivor

Songwriters: Mathew Knowles, Anthony Dent & Beyoncé

I’m a survivor
I’m not gon’ give up
I’m not gon’ stop, oh
I’m gon’ work harder
I’m the survivor
I’m gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on survivin’

A bonafide classic, this one. This song has a lot of heart and conviction. It is a promise to oneself. And this unforgettable line right here will never get old: ‘You know I’m not gon’ diss you on the internet…’cause my mama taught me better than that!’

2. Spirit

Songwriters: Beyoncé, ILYA & Labrinth

While you’re tremblin’, that’s when the magic happens
And the stars gather by, by your side

This track is definitely full of spirit. Beyoncé delivers vocally on every song, and “Spirit” is no exception. Those lyrics above are so true (of course, sans bad circumstances). Often times, we allow ourselves to practically be paralyzed by fear, assuming that said fear and/or nerves are a reason to not do something. But you can do it while you’re scared. You just need to take that step.

1. Bigger

Songwriters: Beyoncé, Richard Lawson, Derek Dixie, Stacy Barthe, Worldwide Fresh & RAYE

If you feel insignificant, you better think again
Better wake up because you’re part of something way bigger
You’re part of something way bigger
Not just a speck in the universe
Not just some words in a bible verse
You are the living word
You’re part of something way bigger
Bigger than you, bigger than we
Bigger than the picture they framed us to see
But now we see it
And it ain’t no secret, no

Ask many Beyoncé fans and/or Beyhive members, and they will confirm that this track is a fan-favorite. It has gotten plenty through life. The song says it all, I don’t even have to. What I will say is that everyone, especially people from marginalized communities, deserve to believe what this song says.

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