gary merritt and booksThere is a new world that fantasy and adventure enthusiasts can escape to. That world is ‘Altered.’ So far compared to the likes of Narnia and The Wizard of Oz, Gary Merritt’s, The Altered Adventure, is a young adult series based on Gizzy Gazza, the beloved animation series created by the same man. The millions who have tuned in to Gizzy Gazza online can now consume his adventures in a new way—and the fans who discover the character by reading the book, can check out the show.

“People loved it [the show] so much that I decided I wanted to share the story even more to the world, for people who don’t know or watch me on YouTube and people who prefer books,” the 26-year-old told So Booking Cool.

The Altered Adventure, Volume 1: Secrets of the Cyclone and Volume 2: Luck of the Guardians are new editions. In the first book, Gizzy tries to battle his way back to Earth after his peaceful vacation is disturbed and transports him to another world; in the follow-up volume, Gizzy embarks on another adventure with his friends.

Merritt is an example of turning his interests and passion into a career. In his youth, he sought inspiration in Malcolm in the Middle and the Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler, propelling him, along with his sister, to write his own scripts and stories. Those projects might not have materialized, but they helped develop him as a visionary. Before finding big success on YouTube, Merritt, studied television and video production, which further enabled his skills and knowledge. He was able to work full-time as a YouTuber.

These days, in addition to being an author (Volume 3 is due this Christmas), Merritt also runs his company Gizzy Gazza, which publishes The Altered Adventure and oversees his various channels across YouTube. When asked for entrepreneurial tips, in addition to advising to take risks, the British businessman also mentioned the significance of investments.

“Don’t be afraid to make investments because I invested in these books and they’re starting to pay off now because these are gonna be like, forever, whereas YouTube might not be forever for some people, but these books will be,” Merritt said.

Listen to the interview to learn more about The Altered Adventure, the time he felt uninspired with his YouTube career, how fans can notice a change in their favorite entertainer, his thoughts on Steve Harvey’s spiel about career dreams and sleeping habits, the challenges he overcame when he initially published the series, and more! For more information, visit the official series’ website.


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