liana and bookWhen 20-year-old actress and soon-to-be-published author Liana Ramirez started her acting career, no one cautioned her about some of the struggles that come with the profession. Her answer is thorough when asked to provide insight on what the grind of an actor looks like. “It can look like no money, the Power Rangers star tells So Booking Cool. She adds that it can look like going on several auditions, reading hundreds of scripts, and not receiving any feedback from casting directors, producers nor agents and management, and frequently waiting around.

“I know a lot of actors who are in LA pursuing their dreams without a family,” she says. “It’s super difficult, and it feels very lonely. It can feel very isolated, and frankly, very depressing sometimes. There’s a lot of moments when you are bawling in your room thinking, ‘should I just give this up and become a lawyer? I mean, that seems way easier at this point. Harvard sounds great, I can do that, right?’

The journey of an actor is a difficult one and Ramirez finds it important to give rising actors a head’s up. Despite the challenges of the craft, make no mistake, Ramirez is not in the business of giving up, and doesn’t advise anyone else with a dream to do so. Her perseverance landed her the role of Roxy, the Evil Yellow Ranger on the Nickelodeon reboot of Power Rangers Beast Morphers (she gushes about the experience of working on the show and the love she receives from fans.)


One of Ramirez’s goals has always been to film a television show, in which she stars regularly. Her past credits include Disney Channel, CBS, and Netflix; her debut was a play co-starring Neil Patrick Harris.

An even bigger goal of Ramirez is to launch her own franchise like her inspiration J.K. Rowling. Ramirez’s debut YA novel, The Secrets Within Me tells the story of a girl who must discover the deadly secret she possesses. The fantasy novel is due this summer. It’s edited by YA novelist (Keeper Duology series), teacher, and YouTuber, Kim Chance.

“To be an actress is fantastic, to be a writer is fantastic, but honestly, I would love, love, for this thing to become the next Hunger Games, the next Harry Potter, the next world for people to just fall in love with and go into and get away from our crazy world because our world is a lot,” she says. “And I would love for The Secrets Within Me world to be the new world to escape to.”

Listen to the conversation to learn more about Ramirez, her journey to playing Roxy, Power Rangers Beast Morphers being a new era of the beloved franchise, what she thinks makes a strong cast, why she believes in taking the second opportunity, the ex-leading ladies of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon who are her inspirations, and more! For more information, visit Ramirez on social media and YouTube. Check out the campaign video she made for The Secrets Within Me below!

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