How can a writer be unique on the page when emulating another writer? Multi-hyphenate and doctor, Omar Mora, explains how this is possible. He uses his new book Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru (Moras Productions; illustrated by Miguel Guzman and Edwin Estrada), which launched at this past 2022 Comic Con, as an example. “Ancient Explorers is inspired by stories like Indiana Jones, The Goonies or National Treasure,” the second-time author tells So Booking Cool.

“It’s never gonna be the same because my experiences are my own and my emotions from those experiences are on the page, and that’s very individualized. It’s very unique. And each of us has that uniqueness. I think if you put yourself in whatever work you do, it’s gonna be unique no matter what because every soul on this planet, there’s 7 billion, they’re unique. Even if we look physically the same.”

Mora produces original work through his production company Moras Productions such as last year’s romantic comedy Inside the Circle and the television adaptation he is currently developing for his first book Unearthians, a top 10 indie release at 2019’s Comic Con. When Mora is not working as a CEO, creator, or creative, he treats patients at his private practice, in which he specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Watch the interview to learn more about Ancient Explorers including how Guzman and Estrada came on board; Mora’s favorite time of the day to write; how 9/11 inspired him to pursue acting; how he balances his different hats; his thoughts on how he has grown as a writer since Unearthians; how Inside the Circle mirrors his personal beliefs; his favorite way to tell a story, and much more! For more information, visit Mora’s official website and keep up with him on Instagram.

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