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People who move on from projects without looking back can learn a thing or two from educator and author Latoya B. McPherson. Her zest for her book Scars That Never Heal, which celebrates seven years in print, only grows with time. “Scars That Never Heal is my assignment,” the Connecticut native tells So Booking Cool. “It is my passion. It was given to me by the inspiration of the holy spirit. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be an author.”

In addition to her longtime career in education, McPherson’s professional background includes business, in which she owned a laundromat. She’s had other aspirations as well. Being an author, though, was not on her ‘to-do list.’

“But this book was my divine assignment. And as I go, as I travel, as the Lord opens doors for me and brings me before various audiences of all ages and races, he confirms and he sets his seal on this book, letting me know that he has given me this book as a mandate. That’s why I can’t let it go.”

Scars That Never Heal takes readers through the harrowing journey of Carol Carter, a survivor of abuse and attempted assault. To keep peace in her family, she suffers in silence. As the book summarizes: there is no greater suffering than carrying the weight of an untold offense.

“There are so many hurting people in this world,” McPherson adds, “in the workplace, throughout our congregations, our places of fellowship, and our community, but, most importantly, right in our families. This book has been, not just a conversation piece, but it has allowed many to come from behind the mask. It has allowed me to minister healing to people in various areas of their life. It has opened the door for people to have that hard conversation…the conversation that they tend to block out or the conversation that no one wanted to address or no one would believe them. So that’s why Scars That Never Heal is my baby.”

Check out the full interview to learn more about McPherson including the inspiration of Carol; how she’s been managing during the pandemic; her reading habits and tastes; her thoughts on explosive secrets kept in families; youth and literature; and more! For more information, visit McPherson’s official website.

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