caseysuchananimalpeopleThe Animal People documentary raises conversations about activism and using one’s voice. While it may seem easy to connect the two, there are strong opinions about there being a difference between a Twitter Warrior and an activist, the belief that social issues and causes are more than hashtags, and praise should be reserved for those who are actively working to make change, whether they choose to broadcast it or not. We asked Casey Suchan about her thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t think we should discount the power of any activism,” the documentarian shares with So Booking Cool, “because I think that these things work together in tandem, and I think when change happens, it happens because things co-lap. I think that using a platform that has millions of listeners or whatever, that can be easily shared, is really powerful. And that’s one step towards triggering someone to think differently; and that’s one step towards re-framing the narrative, and making people see maybe everything isn’t what you thought it was.”

Listen to Part 2 and Part 3 (here is Part 1) to hear more of our conversation with Suchan including her additional thoughts about what she wants audiences to take away from The Animal People including lawmakers, whether she would do another hip hop documentary; what she looks for in a film; and more! For more information, visit the The Animal People online.

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