julian sbc take 2Do you ever wonder what your favorite authors talk about with other authors? LGBT novelist Julian Winters revealed in part 2 of our interview that their conversations are widespread. Sometimes the topics are, of course, book related, but not always. “We can talk about things we struggle with—like I really struggle writing a synopsis and I remember having a full-on conversation with five other authors about writing synopses and why we love and hate them,” he tells So Booking Cool.

We talk about craft, experiences, but sometimes we sit around and talk about The Great British Bake Off. That’s another thing that is so needed in the community is the ability to talk about things that don’t have anything to do with publishing or don’t have anything to do with writing so that you remember this is not all that you are.”

Check out part two of our conversation with Winters to learn whether he’d like How to Be Remy Cameron and Running With Lions to be adapted for movies or TV shows; the books he enjoys reading in his spare time and recent reads that he is excited about; the kinds of books he’d like to see more of in the industry; writing blurbs for other authors and the touching blurbs he received from Adam Silvera to name a few; what kind of reader he is and plenty more! For more information, visit Winter’s official website.

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