DRBRIA P SIMON AND BOOKDr. Brian P. Simon is a serial entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean he recommends others to start multiple businesses. “It’s very stressful,” The Real Estate Journey: From Dreaming & Home Buying to Realty & Entrepreneurship (Morgan James Publishing) author tells So Booking Cool. “It’s a lot of work and time and spreads your focus. I tell people choose one. Focus, pick one business that you believe will be profitable and out of the money that you begin to make from that business, you can invest into real estate.

You can do other businesses at that point if you have enough money in the bank, but I see a lot of people go out and they can’t focus on more than one thing for more than a few months.”

Simon, a Virginia resident, has been involved in real estate for 15 years. The principal broker specializes in real estate marketing, advertising, land acquisition, new construction and mortgage advisory. He wrote Journey because he wanted to help real estate agents manage their finances. The book provides a thorough account of how one can achieve success both professionally, personally, and spiritually as a real estate agent, business owner, and/or homeowner. It is meant to encourage real estate professionals who have entrepreneurship aspirations.

While Simon’s passion for real estate is clear, he says he is not a “real estate hype-man.” “I‘ve gotten my butt kicked, he admits. He notes failures and the times the real estate industry suffered during 2007/2008.

Simon also stresses the importance of knowing when and when not to work. “Tired eyes never see a bright future,” he says. “One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the last fifteen years was there were a season or two where I let myself work way too much, and I just wore myself out.” 

Check out the interview to learn more about Journey, how Simon balances his robust work life, how important confidence is for real estate agents and entrepreneurs and the importance of knowing how to sell yourself, the times he didn’t fire people when he should have, why he is joyful when his former employees move on, why he thinks real estate is a popular career choice, and more! For more information, visit his official website.

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