charles ford coverIf you enjoy coming up with ideas and sharing them with your job, you may want to think twice after reading The Anatomy of a Corporate Lynching by Charles Ford. The memoir reveals how Ford’s former job, Con Edison, exploited him by pirating his slogan. It took a while for Ford to overcome his anguish after this experience, but he was able to persevere, and it turns out, telling his story was cathartic. He was also able to touch people, including Con Edison employees who have been enlightened by his journey.

There are many things Ford wants people to take away from his story, such as the following: “Don’t let anybody make you feel like what you have to offer isn’t good or worthy of any acknowledgement because a lot of times, the only reason they don’t wanna incorporate your idea into what they’re doing is because they don’t want to have to pay you for it,” Ford told So Booking Cool.

Listen to the interview to learn more about Ford’s corporate crisis, his insight on self-publishing, how Christopher B. Clarke (who has illustrated for New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree) came to do the artwork for the book, protection of ideas versus being credited, the importance of reader/author engagement on Amazon, and more!

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