AOACL promo2_150dpiTHE ANATOMY OF A CORPORATE LYNCHING, Charles Ford. Charles Ford Publications, $14.99 (166p) ISBN-13: 978-1729262504
Publication date: Jan. 12, 2019

Hailing from Brooklyn, Mike Tyson would exclaim that he threw punches with bad intentions. Not to be out done and hailing from the Bronx is Charles Ford who throws punches with VERY bad intentions. In other words, “Charlie don’t play that!”

In a blistering, no holds barred, I’m keeping the names—not changing them, fist of fury, take no prisoners, say Uncle, it ain’t over ‘til I say it’s over, protect ya neck, I ain’t going for it, my foot is on the gas—not the brake, bust you to the white meat, never get out of the boat, bring the pain—not the noise, Meet-Me-Outside memoir, Charles Ford recounts with vivid detail and receipts how he went to war with Con Edison.

Ford, who has abundant creativity that spawns from his hip-hop cultural context, had a slogan that he came up with for his employer, Con Edison. He submitted the tagline. Waited. Waited some more. And assumed the idea was rejected. The next thing he knew the slogan was on billboards and other marketing materials. Ford wanted to know simply, “What’s Up?” and that’s when the stuff hit the fan. Con Edison took umbrage and went after Ford in ways that violated every human resource management and labor relations tenet under the sun.

And that’s when Charles Ford turned into Charles in Charge. Charles in Charles won’t start it, but he’ll finish it. He refused to back down no matter what the threat, intimidation tactic, or act of sabotage was employed—and even, at some point, took the fight to the energy company giant.

What we learn from Ford’s experience is how managerial incompetence is expensive, fosters mistrust, pollutes the organizational culture, compromises supervisors & union officials, and derails productivity. We also see through Ford’s lens why some people who don’t have sufficient internal resolve “go off” and in worst-case scenarios, harm co-workers—who are completely innocent.

Ford’s ingenuity should have been credited. It would have prevented years of litigation and would have saved hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars. There are many people who go through on-the-job harassment, abuse by managers and colleagues, obstruction to advancement, unfair treatment, etc. Ford’s tell-all gives people reason & resolve to fight back.

The Anatomy of a Corporate Lynching is a “feisty” memoir written in a “pedal to the metal” style. Ford wastes no words and no time. Knock ‘em out the box, Charles. Knock ‘em out.

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