People have a lot to say about the show Emily In Paris, mostly negative things, (it may not be a masterpiece), but a seemingly underrated take is the show’s message about taking risks. The protagonist has her flaws, not unlike most characters. What can be appreciated about her is her go-getter mentality.

The story begins with Emily Cooper, a Chicago-based marketing executive who lands a major opportunity in France after her boss decides not to go due to finding out she is pregnant. Confident in Emily’s abilities, the boss suggests she take her place at the Parisian firm, where she will offer an American perspective. Does Emily know how to speak French? Not a lick. But does she let this stop her? Absolutely not! Undeterred, Emily decides she will learn while she is there. There is something so brave and inspiring about this choice.

Some people would (and do) let language get in the way of them traveling abroad. Emily represents those who took a chance and ultimately decided to relocate to a foreign country. Naturally, when she arrives in Paris, language is not the only barrier she faces. Her new boss is difficult, and that’s putting it nicely (she often directly mentions Emily going back to Chi-town) and her co-workers are initially not much better.

Emily’s work storyline is my biggest interest in the show, seeing what hurdle comes her way next, how she handles it, and whether she’s going to finally declare “enough is enough already!”  Seriously, her professional life is a ride all on its own! At SBC, it’s no secret that we value stories of resilience and passion, and that is something worth noting about this series. Emily is not just in Paris, she’s making it in Paris.

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