Just because one has a Ph.d and multiple master degrees in writing and/or literature, a long history of writing leisurely, and teaches writing, does not mean the craft comes easy. Author of the Absolution series, Rachelle Storm, checks all these boxes.  “A lot of people assume that that must mean I’m really comfortable writing and that I’m comfortable sharing my writing,” she tells So Booking Cool. “That’s just not true. We’re not always confident, but we know we have a story to tell; so that trumps that feeling of being insecure.”

Storm, 34, began writing when she was 17. It was around that time that she began to discover the joy of escapism. She enjoyed Shakespeare and fanfiction. Until the latter, she’d often felt like the odd one out. It wasn’t until she joined fandoms that she found people she could relate to, sparking long term friendships. Among those friendships include Asia Renee, who designed Absolution’s cover art.

When she was 23, Storm started writing Absolution. As the world changed with time, so did aspects of the story. The fantasy adventure, which is aimed at fans of I Am Number Four, Gone, City Glass, and Twilight, speaks to various themes including family, romance, morals, mentorship, and the experience of having been sheltered.

On a larger scale, here is what she wants readers to take away from her literature: “Diversity and inclusion are important, but not for diversity and inclusion sake. And I think we’re at a point in our society where we’re struggling with that next step, whether it be in our education system or in our politics or whatever the case may be. And I think one thing I want people to understand with Absolution is it is meant to be read as part of a mainstream fantasy romance genre.”

Check out the full interview to learn more about Absolution, Storm’s thoughts on representation and POC trauma in stories, whether the other books in the series are written, whether she considers readers’ thoughts and predictions, if she’s able to write with music or the TV on, her take on binge-watching being a form of consumption unlike reading, which she says is an experience, her love for music and festivals and thoughts on the recent Astroworld tragedy, and more! For more information, visit Storm’s official website.

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