marcus-et-and-bookHow does one know when a draft is written to its full potential? Writer, creator, and author of the science fiction and fantasy anthology Chimera Revolution: The Nue-Gaea Chronicles (June 19, 2020) Marcus E.T. shares his thoughts on the topic. “I think, for me, since I’m writing a lot of short stories, it easily just comes down to what seems to be the most satisfying conclusion that kind of leads people with something to think about, but at the same time concludes that character arc,” he tells So Booking Cool.

E.T., who is married to Ella’s Greatest Adventures founder and author Ashley Thompson, developed an interest in writing and storytelling at 8 years old and even became a published writer just a year later. As a youth, he loved watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy as well as discussing them with his family. His desire to further pursue writing eventually waned when he began “living in the moment.” After all, he was still a kid.

His love for writing stories was reignited when he attended North Carolina AT&T University where he studied Journalism and Communications. Though he was a high-performing student who was glad writing had become a part of his life again, college also revealed to him that journalism was not his passion. What was fulfilling for him was to practice creative writing in general. To date, in addition to stories, he is experienced in writing articles, songs, poems, and press releases. He is also a self-taught screenwriter and self-publisher.


When asked his advice for other self-publishers, he says: “Keep at it, no matter what types of challenges you face. I would say that as a self-published author, just continue to do your own work, and to take pride in whatever you do despite whatever criticisms you get or any types of snags you may hit along the way. The best thing about being a self-published author is that you own your work and no one can tell you anything different. You publish your work your own way and you have full control. Just continue to take control and be the master and the author of your own way.”

Check out the interview to learn more about E.T. including the heart and soul of Chimera Revolution; some of the conversations he has had about the Matrix; his thoughts on the oversaturation of reboots; whether he prefers his readers to study/learn from his literature or be entertained; his perspective on how people can find time to be or stay creative; whether he thinks he is living in his purpose; and more! For more information, visit his website.

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