ashley thompson and the art of joyIn Ashley Thompson’s second book The Art of Joy from the children’s brand and Ella’s Greatest Adventures (October 23, 2020, eBook and November 6, 2020, print) book series, the beloved protagonist Ella McCutie learns to stay positive despite being bullied. Some of the experiences depicted in the picture book are based on Thompson’s childhood.

“They would pick at my physical appearance,” the scientist shares with So Booking Cool. “And another thing, I used to get picked on a lot was because of my voice. Of course I sound different, and, so, I used to get picked on a lot for that. During that time I didn’t know how to handle it because I guess I’m a nice person; so I never knew how to react to what they were bullying me for.”

Thompson did not know what to do at the time but found solace in journaling and has been wring since. She hopes her stories can help instill confidence in youth. When asked what steps children and adults can take to build and maintain confidence and how often such steps should be taken, the South Carolina-based author says it is about our intake.

“I think just looking for confidence every day, that’s very important,” Thompson says. “I know for me as an adult I get my confidence from reading through different scriptures that empower me. And then I also try to pay more attention to what I intake, my mental intake. So I take more breaks from social media, I try not to take all of that in every day. And I also listen to a lot of podcasts, that helps me, especially when I’m working in the lab. Just listening to other business-like people or faith-like people, their stories, that helps me a lot.”

Check out the interview to learn Thompson’s thoughts on how children can gain confidence; if she approached The Art of Joy as she did with her first book Peace at the Dental Office; what it was like working with illustrator Cristine Evaristo again; what authors should look for in illustrators; whether she keeps up with children’s book publishing; the inspiration for her podcast Everyday Adventures in Faith; and more! For more information, visit Ella’s Greatest Adventures online. 

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