NOLAN GROSS BLUEMost of us have seen at least one movie or show where the actor is so believable as the character that we can’t help but think that is how or who they really are. Nolan Gross aims to be that actor. The young performer, who has starred in many works including Any Day, The Terminator, Lucky Dog, Noah, as well as CSI, and American Horror Story to name a few, says the coaching he’s undergone has given him a renewed perspective on acting. Interestingly, there was a time when Gross was not open to coaching. When asked how he thinks he’s grown in his craft since his debut role on The New Normal, Gross was transparent.

“I think how I’ve grown is just diving in deeper into what I love,” the artist tells So Booking Cool. “I feel like I lost my passion at one point and it showed through my acting and auditions. My managers and agents even said ‘hey, what’s up, you should be getting into coaching and stuff.’ I always kind of denied coaching, I thought it was like, ‘I only need it for auditions if I get one.’” 

Gross eventually did decide to take classes, which led to him meeting acting coach Marjorie Valentine. It has been life-changing for Gross. He understands the value of relating the feeling of a personal experience to a character he is portraying. He also has come to realize that he doesn’t know everything, and, so, it is beneficial to learn from others.

nolan gross 3“You need other people to make you better,” he adds. “People need people so we can all get better as one.”

Listen to the full interview to learn more about Gross, the time he directed a Nike commercial, his work that inspired him the most, whether he would write a book, his thoughts on full circle moments, his music career, and more! For more information, visit his official website.

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