As we know, there are many ways for people to connect with their audience whether through social media, in-person events, and/or through the respective craft itself. Author Rachelle Storm, who recently returned to So Booking Cool to promote the new book in her series Absolution: Reckoning (August 4, 2023), prefers the latter. 

“I actually am really happy that there are people who are reading this story and they connect with it and invest in it,” she says. “But they’re doing their own thing. And I don’t have to fuel that for them. And the stories are enough.”

There was a time when the novelist and educator felt differently. When she was younger, she felt strongly that she would be the type to want to talk to her fans all the time. However, she realized it was unhelpful to her writing, admitting that it can “psyche” her out. 

“They don’t really need to hear from me constantly because they’re hearing me through the book,” the supernatural romance writer says. “If you read deeply enough, you’ll probably get to understand a bit about me as a person and how I try to view the world overall.”

For the past year, it has been a major relief for Storm to develop this mentality and confidence in her series. She shares that while she loves world building, she enjoys being able to remove herself from it and live in the real world.

“And it’s not really about staying grounded,” she adds. “It’s about giving the readers what they deserve.” 

Check out the full conversation to learn more about Absolution: Reckoning; the final book in the series Absolution: Apocalypsis, and the series overall including what she thinks her characters would ask her; whether she plans to write more stories; her approach to writing danger; her perspective on the expectations people have about romance novels; whether she tells people she is an author when she meets them; if she would ever want to be a book editor; whether she still reads fanfiction, and more! For more information, visit Storm’s official website

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