BLULifestyle14While schools like Harvard and Yale, along with architects, are among those who’ve been highly receptive to the Blu Notebook, the product’s creator, Tanya, says it is for anyone who desires unique expression. The goal is also for people to hone their creativity in their spare time.  “So, with the Blu Notebook, we’re really trying to start a new movement to move away from our over-reliance on tech,” the entrepreneur told So Booking Cool.

“You know, social media has really infiltrated our daily lives. We’re really relying and hanging off of our personas online.  The Blu Notebook is a way to put the cell phone down and pick up a physical notebook and actually write out your ideas and translate your most creative thoughts in a tactile way. It’s something that I feel we’ve started to lose as a generation and as a society.”


Check out the interview to learn more about Blu Notebooks and how it enhances the creative experience, how Tanya’s background in dance and political science enabled her to become a businesswoman, her note-taking tips, and more! For more information visit the company’s official website.

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