reviewpicorThe rollout of music’s new artist and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star, Olivia Rodrigo, is finely crafted yet still feels organic. Yes, we’re talking about the “Driver’s License” singer, whose next hit is probably going to be her third single (and “Deja Vu” is underrated, but that’s another write-up). This talented singer/songwriter/performer has been compared most notably to Taylor Swift (and Lorde) and understandably so, but there are other artists who come to mind when thinking about Rodrigo’s pop star introduction: Avril Lavigne, Janelle Monae,  Camila Cabello, and Miley/Demi/Selena (in their teen years). It’s even emanating early Britney Spears, when you could just feel that she was going to “blow up” (you had to be there) and here to stick around.

If you’re interested in the music business, entertainment, and/or pop music, Rodrigo is a fascinating case study; she’s a brainy, “IG baddie” or “prom queen” looking-girl with very neighborly vibes and “nerd and geek” tendencies (had a conversation about the distinction between nerd and geek earlier, and that too is another writeup) who is a hit with the youth and adults due to her nostalgic pop/rock material. Anyway, it’s as though the industry has studied some of the critiques, good and bad, about the music business, artists, and female pop artists, especially. There is a still much work to be done, though.

It isn’t exactly a secret that a lot of adults will always appreciate children’s books for their own reading-pleasure, especially YA, often because of the sweet and/or relatable memories they imbue. Some things never get old, even when we do…says the reviewer who is not a teen but enjoyed an album by a teen getting ready to graduate high school.

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