cody newman double pixWhen many of us start our career, we usually have to work our way up before we can do the kind of work that we truly want to do. For example, editorial assistants might not get to initially work on their preferred books; and since they’re young in their career, they are a couple work titles and promotions away from actually editing. It’s similar in the music world—something debut musician Cody Newman has observed.

Traditionally, new artists are not always given the creative and executive control they’d like to have, which consequently taints their feelings about their first (or two) albums. But 14-year-old Newman, who has been praised by critics and is on the radar of music executives, fortunately, isn’t having this problem. The young artist wrote and co-produced her newly released album, End of Infinity. Being hands-on early into her career is of importance to the Phoenix, Arizona native. It’s one of the reasons Meghan Trainor is Newman’s musical inspiration.

“I’m very musically inspired by Meghan Trainor just because of the way she kind of owns her music,” Newman tells So Booking Cool. “She’s very confident, and I feel like she can really express who she is in her music, and I want to do that, too.”

Newman’s love for music began when she was 6-years-old. Her after-school guitar lessons catapulted into a passion that would also open up various talents including singing, songwriting, and playing other instruments as well like the piano, ukulele, piano, violin and even “a tiny bit” of drums. She currently attends a school of the arts as a freshman.

Check out the interview to learn more about Newman including how Fall Out Boy inspired the title End of Infinity; how it felt to be so involved in her career; her life as a student and recording artist; whether there’s a difference between her friendships with other music artists and non-music artists; her mother’s motto, whether Newman sees herself in music for the long run and more! For more information, visit her official website.

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