Interview With “Maki” filmmaker Naghmeh Shirkhan!

NaghmehOut of all male nominees, Naghmeh Shirkhan won Best Director for her feature film Maki at this past week’s Chelsea Film Festival, a victory that both surprises but makes sense to the filmmaker. “It’s been such a long road for me, and I have kept at it. To me, it should not matter whether you’re male or female, the work should stand on its own,” Shirkhan told So Booking CoolRead the rest


Allen Maldonado, Writer, A Father’s Love; blackish; The Last OG

Kellon Akeem, Producer, A Father’s Love, Mansa Productions

Naghmeh Shirkhan, Filmmaker, Maki

Brent Kinetz, Co-director, 1 Billion Orgasms

Terence Mickey, Co-director, 1 Billion Orgasms

Patrick Kilpatrick, Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Writer, Author, Dying for Living: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot: VOLUME ONE – UPBRINGING

Heidi Yewman, Director, Producer, … Read the rest